Property Support Supervisor



    Creating effective communication and coordination within divisions and departments to fulfill the needs of owners and visitors.
    Monitoring the implementation of the day-to-day operational in order to be implemented properly and timely.
    Coordinate and liaise with Leasing & Marketing Division and external instruction should there is any event or exhibition to ensure it runs properly based on standards & procedure.
    Create and coordinate schedule for all loading and unloading activities (exhibitions, events, advertising tools) to ensure all loading and unloading activities are monitored.
    Monitor and ensure all loading and unloading activities at night are properly executed (cleanliness, safety, damage report, etc) and the execution is as same as the briefing given by each PIC. Therefore, Pacific Place’s properties and image are well taken care of.

    Execute daily building inspection to recognize any defects of assets, facilities and/or utilities and follow up immediately to fix it.

    Support Property Support Coordinator to ensure all assets, facilities and utilities of the mall can be used properly.


    Candidate must possess at least a Diploma in Engineer.
    3 years of experience in operational retail service qualities.

    Computer and technique building knowledge.
    Communication, leadership, and problem solving skills.
    Creative and innovative.



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