Professional Financial Consultant (PFC) area Padang


Job Description:


Working with Partner-Bank staff to ensure they have an understanding of Astra Aviva Life’s insurance products and are able to identify and refer customers who have a need for insurance products;
Working with customers referred from Partner-Bank staff to understand their financial situation and recommending Astra Aviva Life insurance products that help the customers achieve their identified goals;
Undertaking all sales processes connected with Partner-Bank customers; generating initial enquiries, following up on referrals from Partner-Bank, making sales of the most suitable products to customers and generating referrals for new customers for Partner-Bank and Astra Aviva Life;
Arranging meetings with existing clients, and to review their financial circumstances and life insurance needs. Obtaining referral to further prospects, where appropriate
Ensuring that all customers and Partner-bank colleagues have appropriate expectations of the service from Astra Aviva Life and remain delighted with the company
Ensuring that any and all compliance requests from internal and external sources are understood and implemented
Being generally aware of financial markets in Indonesia, and being able to use this knowledge to answer objections from customer and Partner-Bank staff;




Bachelor degree with any major; or
Diploma 3 with minimum of 1year experience in dealing directly with customers, preferably in a financial institution;
Having excellent and proven written and verbal communication skills;
Being able to manage relationships;
Showing flexibility in approach and able to change and adapt to circumstances;
Being ‘sales orientated’, self-motivated and keen to succeed;
Willing to work hard and placed outside city;

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