Financial Controller



    Job Summary:

    Provide necessary financial support to Department Heads to facilitate the achievement of the hotel’s financial targets. 
    As a member of the Executive Committee, partake in all operational, financial and marketing decisions. Investigate opportunities and implement procedures for improved profitability and assist and advise where necessary in hotel operations.
    Maintain control over the Hotel’s assets, liabilities, income and expenditure on behalf of both the Operator and Owner and provide management, leadership and accountability for the financial performance of the hotel.
    Co-ordinate the fulfilment of the Hotel, Owner and regulatory reporting responsibilities of the hotel on an accurate and timely basis.

    Duties & Responsibilities:

    Be aware and abide by Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action legislation and the hotel’s policies in regards to harassment prevention.
    Work in a safe manner and abide by Occupational Health and Safety legislation and the hotel’s policies in regards to accident and incident reporting procedures.
    Adhere to all standards and procedures as set out in the Associate Handbook and compliance with Hotel ’s Code of Conduct.
    Deliver exceptional service to both the internal and external customer in line with the principles of the Hotel  “S.T.A.R” philosophy.
    Co-ordinate the hiring, training and performance evaluation of Finance department associates.
    Interact with department and hotel staff in a professional and positive manner to foster good rapport, promote team spirit and ensure effective two-way communication.
    Contribute to the senior management group’s development of short and long term strategies and business plans.
    Liaise with Department Heads regarding their performance against budget and provide them with information and training as required.
    Monitor business results and provide clear and informed analysis to meet hotel requirements and to support decision making. Make recommendations for potential revenue and profit enhancements.
    Co-ordinate the preparation of accurate hotel monthly profit & loss account and balance sheet in compliance with Hotel Financial Policies & procedures and in line with Hotel reporting timetable.
    Review monthly general journals and balance sheet reconciliations and ensure appropriately supported and in accordance with Hotel  Financial Policies & Procedures
    Prepare accurate month end financial reports & analysis as per Hotel  and Owners reporting timetable.
    Perform monthly profit & loss review meetings with department heads and follow up any agreed corrective actions for variances noted.
    Monitor Accounts Receivable collection status. Ensure credit meetings are conducted monthly and follow up any agreed corrective actions
    Co-ordinate the preparation any required tax documentation relating to business taxes, foreign currency payments, withholding taxes and income taxes and ensure lodgments is completed as per required deadlines.
    Co-ordinate the preparation of monthly profit & loss forecasts and annual budgeting process in line with Hotel & Owner timetables.
    Prepare a monthly cash flow forecast and discuss with Executive Committee any corrective action required.
    Review submitted capital expenditure projects and monitor compliance with approved Capital Budget. Ensure approval requirements set out in Hotel Financial Policies & Procedures and hotel management contract are complied with.
    Oversee the maintenance of the hotel fixed asset register (if maintained by hotel).
    Manage, maintain, protect and develop the hotel’s information systems.
    Ensure hotel insurances are in compliance with Hotel Financial Policies & Procedures and hotel management contract. Liaise with insurance company in relation to any claims.
    Ensure hotel supplier contracts are in compliance with Hotel Financial Policies & Procedures and hotel management contract
    Monitor compliance with hotel management contract terms and conditions
    Monitor the hotel’s compliance with Hotel Financial Policies & Procedures and to implement new Policies & Procedures where necessary.
    It is not the intention of this Position Description to provide an exhaustive list of job duties.  It provides a focal point to the incumbent in the hope that they will develop the job further.  From time to time and in line with managerial priorities, it is expected that the incumbent will work as and where directed by management and in line with improving customer service

    Job Knowledge / Skill:

    Accounting or accounts payable knowledge.
    Keyboard skills.


    University and Secondary education or equivalent.


    Accounting or accounts payable knowledge. Above 2 years working experience in international group management 4 or 5-star hotel.

    Additional Skill required:

    Incumbent must maintain at cooperative and helpful relations with all those he/she liaisons with.  Must try at all times to respond to customer queries quickly and efficiently.
    Responsible for the computer, printers and calculators utilized in the course of performing the job duties.
    To ensure that all costs are accurately recorded in accordance with the Policies, Standards and Procedures in place.

    Other Relationship:

    Ownning Co, Managing Director, Department Heads, Managers, R&F Associates, Candidates,  Guests, Government, Company, Vendors.


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