Director of Operational Excellence


​​Job Summary:

Operational Excellence is the use of Six Sigma/Lean tools and analysis to help drive the quantitative aspects of Quality Assurance (brand assurance, GEI, food safety and hygiene and safety, security and crisis management) and process efficiencies, towards sustainable improvements.

The Director of Operational Excellence/Black Belt is accountable for accomplishing innovative business process improvements resulting in measurable financial and/or non-financial gains by applying the Six Sigma/Lean methodology. Through analysis of data and active involvement in operational departments, the Director of Operational Excellence should identify performance gaps and recommend appropriate improvement methodology.

Strategic alignment & Execution of Hotel project work is based on the principal of fewer projects that can transferred across the Division. Focus on the following:

Environmental Sustainability & Energy
Quality Assurance
Margin improvement


Duties & Responsibilities:

Align plans with business strategy; understand short- and long-term impact of business decisions; demonstrate knowledge of and educate others about how one’s work aligns with the overall business/brand strategy, and ultimately shareholder value
Collect and analyze data to make customer focused business decisions; ensure associates understand and exceed customer expectations
Understand the meaning and implications of key internal and external financial indicators; manage overall financial performance; use sound financial analysis to evaluate strategic and investment options.
Add value through revenue growth and operational efficiency through process improvement; understand and focus on the key drivers of sales, associate and customer satisfaction, profitability, and quality assurance.
Plans and schedules Project Team Member assignments and meetings; designs and facilitates productive team meetings; and manages project activities outside of team meetings.
Maintains project on schedule, keeps MBB informed of progress and problems, and attempts to break down barriers to success of the project.
Demonstrate honesty, reliability, ethics, and professionalism; demonstrate consistency between words & behavior.
Gather and analyze relevant facts and data to establish core issue or root cause; make timely and sound decisions with regard to appropriate course of action.
Convey relevant information in a timely fashion, appropriately tailored to the intended audience; effectively influence and persuade others; listen effectively and follow-up to ensure understanding.
Reports Project status to the Hotel Leadership Team (Property, Area or Division depending on the project origination) and presents project status for toll gate reviews with MBB, Team and Hotel Leadership Team.
Leads Project Teams and allocates resources such as own time and that of team members to highest priorities (uses time wisely).
Build positive and productive working relationships with customers, subordinates, peers, superiors, business partners, and the community; encourage this behavior in others.
Promote the free flow of information; encourage the open expression of ideas and opinions.
Build a team with different opinions, skills, experiences, and backgrounds; leverage personal, cultural, and functional differences to optimize team performance.
Work collaboratively with others to achieve common goals and objectives; serve effectively in both team member and team leader roles; promote collaboration & teamwork in others.
Possess, apply, and continually develop the specific technical knowledge and functional expertise needed for effective job performance.
Provide clear direction, establish goals and appropriate timeframes; manage conflicting priorities; delegate to and empower others; remove obstacles and secure needed resources; coordinate work efforts and monitor progress to achieve desired results in a timely fashion.
Encourage and empower the success of others; create enthusiasm, investment, and a desire to excel; gain support and commitment from others; promote a healthy life balance.
Accept personal responsibility and accountability for achieving results in a timely fashion; ensure clear authority and accountability for results by others.
Provide advice and support to Hotels & Resorts Asia Pacific Division and Executive Committee.
Assures that the approved project improvements are successfully implemented before Project Team disbands and the project is turned over to the Project Owner.
Serves as the voice of the Project Team with Quality Council and MBB, and as the point of contact between their Team and rest of the organization. Acts enthusiastically spreading knowledge about the methods and project successes.
Attract and retain high potentials; coach and develop others; communicate views about performance honestly and directly, while consistently recognizing and rewarding good performance.
Establish open, candid, trusting, and caring relationships; treat others fairly and with respect; value the individual and maintain their self-esteem.
Commit the resources and time needed to train and develop people, both for their personal growth and to meet organizational needs; identify and pursue learning opportunities for yourself.
Foster a common vision; lead others by setting the proper example; demonstrate consistency between actions and words.
Creates motivated and high-involvement Project Teams by using active listening skills, stimulating innovation, and providing clear direction and performance rewards/ recognition. Coaches and trains Team Members in using DMAIC and team skills.
Applies performance management and review practices to Project Team Members and contributes to their regular performance evaluation.
Create an agenda and environment conducive to change; foster the free exchange of ideas; develop and share a vision and strategy; build a strong network to implement change.
Manage and redesign processes for optimal value by encouraging and actively participating in process improvement methods while measuring results.
Effectively use and promote technology to support productivity, profitability, and change; seek opportunities to use technology to enhance the customer experience.
Identify, integrate, and transfer internal and external best practices into operational processes; leverage best practices to innovate and improve the way work gets done.
Working with the Master Black Belt & Property Hotel Leadership Team, refines and updates the Project Team Charters including problem statements, goals (financial, customer, process), project scope, staffing Team Members (usually assigned part-time to the team), and scheduling. The Black Belt plays a primary role in selecting Team Members with the Property Council.
Accomplishes the Project Team’s goals by applying the DMAIC methodology (including Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) and tools, including measurement and statistical analysis tools, and process improvement techniques.


Job Knowledge / Skill:

Must be able to read and write to facilitate the communication process.   Requires excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
Work effectively with others
Take responsibility
Deliver results
Leadership skills
Delegation skills
Organizational skills
Analytical and numerical skills
Strong Technical skills
Guest focus
Effective complaint handling
Strong training skills
Selling & marketing skills
Quality awareness

Bachelor’s Degree preferred

Equivalent education/experience required, track record & performance reviews achieving results and managing teams.  If coming from hospitality management, appropriate level would be Executive Committee Member or Department Head (or experience as Divisional or Corporate Director). 

Additional Skill required:

Excellent written and verbal Mandarin & English are a must.
Good computer skills with minimum requirement in use of Microsoft Windows XP or higher, Microsoft Office 2003 or higher, Internet and other popular software.
Good interpersonal & communicative skills.

Other Relationship:
Cooperate Office, GM, Concern Department Manager, Colleague

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Minimal 1 tahun pengalaman dibidang yang sama atau fresh graduate

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