Cost Controller

Job Summary:

To report on a timely basis the costs of raw materials and other supplies as they relate to the Food and Beverage department.

Job Responsibilities:

Follow Hotel Service Standards to provide service to the guests whenever and wherever encounter the guests in the hotel, own the problems and take initiative to follow up accordingly, regardless of positions and levels. For example, when an Engineering associate sees a guest seeking help on the floor, he/she cannot treat it as a task for HSKP associates only.  The Engineering associate must understand the guest’s problem or needs positively and find out the solution for the guest, and follow up accordingly.
Always spend efficient time in the lobby to communicate with the guests.
Greet guests and fellow associates in the hotel all the times.
To assist in implementing a system of control to avoid excessive cost by reducing waste and other losses without sacrificing quality.
To assist in identifying problems in the food and beverage operations early so that they can be resolved before they turn into major problems.
To ensure that established policies are implemented in the following areas:
Purchasing – Assist in the establishing and checking purchase specifications and periodically to review them to ensure that they are implemented; observe that competitive market prices are being obtained; participate in market surveys and make comparison of purchase prices with other Hotels.
Storage and issuing
To assist in playing a positive and creative role in working with the F&B Department and to constructively assist in pricing, food testing and menu planning, as well as the actual control of the cost.
To ensure the establishment of records on a daily basis for both foods issued to the kitchen from the storerooms as well as perishable foods delivered directly to the kitchen.
To monitor slow moving stock items held in storage and highlight such on a timely basis; recommend methods and procedures to improve control of waste and losses within the Hotel and to investigate reasons for spoilage and wastage.
To perform a continually audit of actual food costs against potential costs by ensuring that standard recipe costing are updated; count and audit the inventories of all Hotel stores for pricing and quantity reasonableness.
To work continually with the Executive Chef in the development of butchering tests, portion control and recipes. Generate system reports on sales analysis.
To furnish the management the daily recapitulation of F&B issues, total value of storeroom inventory and sales analysis in the food and beverage operations.
To inspect and extend all store requisitions and transfers and call attention to any apparent over-issuing.
To establish and conduct inventory schedules of all store items. Pre-printed Inventory List from the computer system will be used.
To prepare monthly F&B Cost Report including reconciliation summaries.
To ensure update daily records of store issues and transfers made to various food services areas, bars and functions and other departments throughout the Hotel.
To check all store issues and transfers for appropriate authorized signatures.
To enforce a system of control over goods leaving the premises by ensuring that authorized Gate Pass for goods returned to suppliers, and also to maintain an Outgoing Record for equipment sent for repairs, and operating equipment for outside catering。
To pre-cost all daily and function menus for the purpose of determining the proper selling price for the various items.
To ensure that goods received by Receiving and Store personnel are checked for weights, quality and extensions.
To check that all details on the invoice or delivery orders match with the Purchase Orders and other purchasing documents and that food are correctly received.
To make periodic check of butcher shop areas to determine if fabrication and production are being maintained according to specifications.
To ensure a breakdown of sales, food and beverage discounts, house-use checks and entertainment of the previous day has been received daily from Income Auditor and the correctness of computation of daily cost percentages.
To verify the daily record of staff meals, inter-kitchen transfers, complimentary, etc. and allot proper credits to the respective kitchens.
To ensure that meat-tagging policy and procedures are implemented and followed through.
To establish par stock levels of all store inventories with considerations for consumption and seasonal trends and purchasing lead times. Also in collaboration with the Beverage Manager, to establish a par stock for all bars and banquet. To conduct periodic checks of all par stock levels both at the operating outlets and at the Hotel stores.
To establish inventory counts of operating equipment both at the Hotel stores and operating departments as per schedules established by the Financial Controller.
To assist the Financial Controller in the preparation of operating equipment inventory and breakage & loss reports.
To assist in the costing and pricing of all new menu for all food and beverage outlets, upon request of the Director of Food & Beverage.
To monitor minimal (sekurang-kurangnya) bar issues to pantries against minimal (sekurang-kurangnya) bar revenues and determine extend of minimal (sekurang-kurangnya) bar losses.
To maintain cleanliness of storage freezers and other stores to ensure good hygienic conditions and orderly arrangements of stock items.
To ensure that staff are routinely trained and have full knowledge of their respective job responsibilities.
To check on the accuracy of banquet billing based on Event Order received.
To review the work of the F&B Cashiers to make sure that there are no irregularities and that the guest checks are priced in accordance with the current menus, and that no food is leaving the kitchen without being checked and priced.
To spot check at random:
The contents of bar set-up upon checking out of Hotel guests.
The potential and actual sales of individual bars.
The accuracy of outlet recipes and portions being served.
VIP amenities and their respective costing, including food and beverage complimentary.
Garbage cans and their contents.
Par stocks in outlets and Hotel stores. Physical inventory of store items against perpetual inventory.
Market prices of food items being purchased to ensure that they are at the most competitive prices.
The quality of food and beverage items being received to ensure that they match purchase specifications.
Butcher yield tables against standard recipe pricing tables.
Inventory turnover.
Liquor issuing procedures and the use of outlet labels or rubber stamps.
Beverage pouring brand consumption.
To prepare any other cost evaluations required by the Financial Controller or any Department Heads concerned. Also to analyze major expense items.
To attend F&B Meeting and any other required meetings.
To substitute duties for his/her immediate sub-ordinate during her/his absence and therefore, to be fully acquainted with her/his job descriptions in order to carry out those responsibilities.

It is not the intention of this Position description to provide an exhaustive list of job duties.  It provides a focal point to the incumbent in the hope that they will develop the job further.  From time to time and in line with managerial priorities, it is expected that the incumbent will work as and where directed by management and in line with improving customer service.
Job Requirements:

Candidate must possess at least Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree/Post Graduate Degree in any field.
At least 1 Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
Required Skill(s): Knowledge of merchandise being purchased., Computer keyboard skills., Basic accounting background., Understanding of purchasing, storing and issuing stock control procedures.
Preferably Staff (non-management & non-supervisor) specialized in Purchasing/Inventory/Material & Warehouse Management or equivalent.

Additional Skill required:

Incumbent must maintain at cooperative and helpful relations with all those he/she liaisons with.  Must try at all times to respond to queries quickly and efficiently.
Responsible for the computer, printers and calculators utilized in the course of performing the job duties.

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Rumah Sakit Rasyida Siantar adalah rumah sakit umum yang dimiliki oleh Prof. Dr.Harun Rasyid Lubis, SpPD-KGH, yang lebih dikenal dgn “BAPAK GINJAL” kota Medan dan sekitarnya (SUMATERA UTARA). Memiliki komitmen dalam ekspansi usaha di Kota Pematangsiantar yang terletak di Jl. Seram Atas No. 5 B, Bantan, Siantar Barat, Pematangsiantar SUMUT. Rumah sakit dengan mengedepankan fasilitas Layanan Instalasi Hemodialisa nya. Kami mencari putra-putri terbaik bangsa untuk mengembangkan karir dengan bergabung bersama kami.

Tanggung Jawab Pekerjaan :
  • 1. Pelayanan Resep
  • a. Skrining Resep
  • Apoteker melakukan skrining resep meliputi:
  • 1) Persyaratan Administratif :
  • – Nama, SIP dan alamat dokter
  • – Tanggal penulisan resep
  • – Tanda tangan/paraf dokter penulis resep
  • – Nama, alamat, umur, jenis kelamin dan berat badan pasien
  • – Nama obat, potensi, dosis, dan jumlah yang minta
  • – Cara pemakaian yang jelas
  • – Informasi lainnya
  • 2) Kesesuaian farmasetik: bentuk sediaan, dosis, potensi, stabilitas, inkompatibilitas, cara dan lama pemberian.
  • 3) Pertimbangan klinis : adanya alergi, efek samping, interaksi, kesesuaian (dosis, durasi, jumlah obat dan lain lain). Jika ada keraguan terhadap resep hendaknya dikonsultasikan kepada dokter penulis resep dengan memberikan pertimbangan dan alternatif seperlunya bila perlu menggunakan persetujuan setelah pemberitahuan.
  • b. Penyiapan obat
  • 1) Peracikan
  • Merupakan kegiatan menyiapkan, menimbang, mencampur, mengemas dan memberikan etiket pada wadah. Dalam melaksanakan peracikan obat harus dibuat suatu prosedur tetap dengan memperhatikan dosis, jenis dan jumlah obat serta penulisan etiket yang benar.
  • 2) Etiket
  • Etiket harus jelas dan dapat dibaca.
  • 3) Kemasan Obat yang Diserahkan
  • Obat hendaknya dikemas dengan rapi dalam kemasan yang cocok sehingga terjaga kualitasnya.
  • 4) Penyerahan Obat
  • Sebelum obat diserahkan pada pasien harus dilakukan pemeriksaan akhir terhadap kesesuaian antara obat dengan resep. Penyerahan obat dilakukan oleh apoteker disertai pemberian informasi obat dan konseling kepada pasien.
  • 5) Informasi Obat
  • Apoteker harus memberikan informasi yang benar, jelas dan mudah dimengerti, akurat, tidak bias, etis, bijaksana, dan terkini. Informasi obat pada pasien sekurang-kurangnya meliputi: dosis, efek farmakologi, cara pemakaian obat, cara penyimpanan obat, jangka waktu pengobatan, aktivitas serta makanan dan minuman yang harus dihindari selama terapi.
  • 6) Konseling
  • Apoteker harus memberikan konseling mengenai sediaan farmasi, pengobatan dan perbekalan kesehatan lainnya, sehingga dapat memperbaiki kualitas hidup pasien atau yang bersangkutan terhindar dari bahaya penyalahgunaan atau penggunaan salah sediaan farmasi atau perbekalan kesehatan lainnya. Untuk penderita penyakit tertentu seperti kardiovaskular, diabetes, TBC, asma, dan penyakit kronis lainnya apoteker harus memberikan konseling secara berkelanjutan.
  • 7) Monitoring Penggunaan Obat
  • Setelah penyerahan obat kepada pasien, Apoteker harus melaksanakan pemantauan penggunaan obat, terutama untuk pasien tertentu seperti kardiovaskular, diabetes, TBC, asma, dan penyakit kronis lainnya.
  • 2. Promosi dan Edukasi
  • Dalam rangka pemberdayaan masyarakat, Apoteker harus memberikan edukasi apabila masyarakat ingin mengobati diri sendiri (swamedikasi) untuk penyakit ringan dengan memilihkan obat yang sesuai dan apoteker harus berpartisipasi secara aktif dalam promosi dan edukasi. Apoteker ikut membantu diseminasi informasi, antara lain dengan penyebaran leaflet/brosur, poster, penyuluhan, dan lain-lain.
  • 3. Pelayanan Residensial (Home Care)
  • Apoteker sebagai care giver diharapkan juga dapat melakukan pelayanan kefarmasian yang bersifat kunjungan rumah, khususnya untuk kelompok lanjut usia dan pasien dengan pengobatan penyakit kronis lainnya. Untuk aktivitas ini Apoteker harus membuat catatan berupa catatan pengobatan (medication record).
Syarat Pengalaman :

Ijazah telah terdaftar pada Departemen Kesehatan.

Kualifikasi :
  • Sehat Jasmani dan Rohani
  • Mampu bekerja dalam tim
  • Memiliki STR yang masih aktif

Keahlian :

  • Mampu melakukan praktik kefarmasian secara profesional dan etik
  • Mampu menyelesaikan masalah terkait dengan penggunaan sediaan farmasi
  • Mampu melakukan dispensing sediaan farmasi dan alat kesehatan
  • Mampu memformulasikan dan memproduksi sediaan farmasi dan alat kesehatan sesuai standart yang berlaku
  • Mempunyai keterampilan dalam pemberian informasi sediaan farmasi dan alat kesehatan
  • Mampu berkonstribusi dalam upaya preventif dan promotif kesehatan masyarakat
  • Mampu mengelola sediaan farmasi dan alat kesehatan sesuai dengan standart yang berlaku
  • Mempunyai keterampilan organisasi dan mampu membangun hubungan interpersonal dalam melakukan praktik kefarmasian
  • Mampu mengikuti perkembangan ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi yang berhubungan dengan kefarmasian

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